Fox 33

DISH Subscribers: THEY’VE DONE IT AGAIN! Fox 33 has been forced off your line-up, and important programming you pay for has disappeared.

Call 1-800-333-3474 NOW and DEMAND DISH return Fox 33.

Important facts and options you should consider:

1. What’s going on?

Fox 33 and DISH have a contract that allows them to carry our programming to you. That contract has expired and DISH has removed Fox 33 from your schedule.  Fox 33 has presented a proposal for fair value compensation, based on the importance and value our programming brings to our viewers.  Despite our tireless efforts, DISH has refused our fair offer and is making negotiations very difficult.  You’ve likely seen them do this before.  It might interest you to know that DISH regularly holds their subscribers hostage in these situations, by far more than any other cable, satellite or telcom provider. They will tell you it’s for your benefit, but don’t believe it. Our offer is fair. And now they hold you the subscriber hostage. It’s not right.

2. All your programming is lost?
That’s right. All of it. NO NFL Football when the season starts.  NO Major League Baseball Playoffs. NO Fox 33. All Gone.

3. What can I do?
We at Fox 33 value your loyalty, and we hate the possibility of not being available to you, especially since you still pay for our programming, even when DISH denies it to you.   You have options:

  • Call DISH at 1-800-333-3474 and demand that Fox 33 remain available to you, with NO interruptions
  • Check out the attractive offers of other providers, namely DIRECTV, which is also a satellite provider. Call them at 1-844-231-1635, or check your local listings for the other providers in your community.