News 8

On Jan 1, Comcast may force News 8 off your line-up, and important programming you pay for will disappear.


Call (800) 934-6489 and demand Comcast keep News 8

Your voice will make a difference. Tell Comcast you want what you pay for.

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Remember, you have options. Consider the attractive offers of:

  • DIRECTV:  800-531-5000

  • OR the streaming options Apple TV and other similar services

Here's what you need to know

1. What’s happening?

News 8 and Comcast must renew the contract that allows the cable company to send our programming to you. News 8 has presented our proposal for fair value compensation, based on the value our programming brings you. Thus far, Comcast has refused our fair offer and failed to negotiate in a meaningful fashion.

2. What about the network programming News 8 carries?

That too. Sports, prime time, morning shows, as well as our local news and our own shows. All our programming will be unavailable until a new contract is agreed.

3. What can I do?

We value your loyalty as a News 8 viewer, and we feel it’s important to make you aware of this situation. More important, you pay to receive our programming, and it should not be denied to you.

Call Comcast at (800) 934-6489, remind them that you have options, and demand that Comcast restore News 8 uninterrupted in your cable package.

4. What are my options?

You can receive News 8 using a good quality digital antenna, and not lose a moment of our shows. You can also explore offers from other providers, and you might find a much better deal – WITHOUT the frequent threats of interruptions you have faced as a Comcast customer.